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VonderSint: delivering Sack and Timetable

Hello Vonderkwartier citizens,
The VonderSint and his KwartierPieten are ready
to celebrate his birthday with bringing the presents to the children of the Vonderkwartier. The route and timetable is final now and we can share it with you.
below are 3 messages:
Message 1: bringing your sack with presents upfront

On Tuesday December 5th you can bring your sack with presents to the shed which can be entered via the Amalia van Anhaltstraat between 10:30hr and 12:30hr

Attach a sturdy, large label to the bag
put the child’s address and name on it
That’s easy for VonderSint

Oh yes, KwartierPiet would like to share a tip
use an extra plastic inner bag to protect against moisture.

And a special request from the VonderSint,
to keep the magic going, do NOT 
bring your child when delivering the sack.  

Message 2: Delivery of the sack

The VonderSint and his KwartiePieten will deliver this sack personally between 15:15hr and 19:15hr at your frontdoor. Below you see the timetable, be aware that this is an indication. We can be 10 min earlier upto 20min later.