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VonderSint: delivering Sack, behavior rules and Timetable

Hello Vonderkwartier citizens,
The VonderSint and his KwartierPieten are ready
to celebrate his birthday with bringing the presents to the children of the Vonderkwartier. The route and timetable is final now and we can share it with you.
below are 3 messages:
Message 1: bringing your sack with presents

You can bring your sack with presents to the shack wich can be entered via the
Amalia van Anhaltstraat.
To avoid hustle and bustle we made timeslots depending on the first character of your last name: 
A-G  9:30-10:00 uur
H-M  10:00-10:30 uur
N-T   10:30-11:00 uur
U-Z   11:00- 11-30 uur
Bericht 2: Behavior rules due to COVID-19
  1. Vondersint and his KwartierPieten do not give a hand or make any physical contact.
  2. Wait with your family for the frontdoor untill the VonderSint and/or the Kwartierpiet approaches you. 
  3. The PakjesPiet will put the sack with present before the Vondersint. Wait untill he tells you taht you are allowed to take the sack
  4. Keep at least 1.5m distnce to the VonderSint and his KwartierPieten
  5. Listen to the directions provide by KwartierPiet to keep the situation safe. 
Bericht 3: Route en Timetable